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I'm a pediatric physical therapist turned photographer, and whether you're in front of my camera or behind your own taking pictures of your friends and family, I'm here to help. I love capturing you and the important people in your life with traditional (and fun) photoshoots. Getting to know my clients and seeing them year after year is one of my greatest joys. With time, I often swap the word clients for the word friends. I also love helping you capture your own people in pictures to preserve memories when I'm not around. If you're looking for simple ways to improve the snaps you take by adding more interest, thoughtful creativity, and better storytelling, I'm here for it with my flexible online video course options. Get the entire Snapsot Secrets Video series or access the videos individually to fit your current knowledge base.

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Watch this Welcome video for a sneak peek of each video in the series. Then read below to help you decide if investing in the whole series is right for you.

If you've always wanted better, more interesting pictures but haven't taken the time to google it and bring all the tips together, my Snapshot Secrets Video Series is for you. You will have access to all videos in the series. Some topics include: focus and exposure, rule of thirds, creative composition, negative space, lighting, and group photos. In just under two hours of total content, you'll get 10 simple tips (plus plenty of bonus material!) to bring more fun, drama, and creativity into your life and your images. This is a photography course for the non-professionals out there. It's for folks that want better images of their friends and family using mostly their camera phone and want all of the info to make that happen in one convenient place, presented in an easy-to-follow video format.

A few tips are specific to iPhone users. Many phones have comparable functions and features. That said, the bulk of the information is unrelated to what phone/camera you're using.

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Read the description below then check out this must-watch Welcome video before ordering or watching any individual videos. You'll find general information and terminology that will help you decide which videos are right for you. I also share my thoughts on what makes a perfect picture and which camera is always best.
PS It's yours!

If you already know some tips and tricks and want even more simple and quick but targeted ideas to further improve your images, I'm now offering videos individually. They are pulled from the Snapshot Secrets Video series and range in length from seven to twenty minutes. Access to separate videos will allow you to pick and choose which subjects you want more information about. You can customize your content to fill in the blanks where you feel you need it most. Do you already know how to target focus and exposure, but want to understand how to make your pictures look more interesting so they tell a more thorough story? Choose a combination of composition videos. If you've always wondered how to get and control blur in your backgrounds, choose "Creating Blur." Do you wish you could get a terrific picture of your little one that's more than just a snapshot? "Creating Intensity with Simplicity" is for you. Those beautiful silhouette beach pictures? I can show you how to do that in "Lighting Do's and Don'ts". You know your skills best, and now you can customize your queue to match. Further your knowledge quickly and efficiently, one video at a time, and take your pictures to the next level. 

A few tips are specific to iPhone users. Many phones have comparable functions and features. That said, the bulk of the information is unrelated to what phone/camera you're using.

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I shoot from March through October, generally kids, families, and seniors. Weddings are not my jam, but I entertain the occasional request for an engagement session. I offer digital images in an online gallery for you to download with a print release for your convenience. I'd love to hear from you if you need updated pictures and want to spend a couple of hours walking, talking, smiling, laughing, and shooting.

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